Musculoskeletal Specialist

Dr. Varun Singh

Dr. Varun Singh, Lifeline Hospital Musculoskeletal Specialist, Expertly Cares For Bone And Joint Health, Ensuring Optimal Mobility And Well-Being.



(MDU, Rohtak)

MPT (Gold Medalist)

(Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology)


(Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology)



Course on " Brian Mulligan Concept Mobilization With Movement, NAGs, SNAGs, Etc By Capri Institute At New Delhi


Basic Course“Art of Manipulation”.


KT1 And KT2 Kinesio Taping Fundamental And Advanced Course From KTA USA


Dry Needling Basic And Advanced Course Work From Club Physio South Africa On


Diploma in Master of Chiropractic by Akerman college, Stockholm Sweden




(6 Month)



Life line hospital Azad Nagar, Hisar
Aug 2013-Feb 2014
Life line hospital Jindal Chowk, hisar
Feb 2024- Till Date


Manual Therapy


Gold Medal In MPT 2011-2013 Batch (Musculoskeletal Disorders) By Guru Jambheshwar University Of Science And Technology, Hisar.

Significant Contribution Award” In Neuro-Physio Conference By Indian Association Of Physiotherapy, At Fortis Hospital, Gurugram On 8th September 2019.



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Paper presented entitled “Relationship between performance and pre-competition anxiety levels in Inter-University women football teams” in International Scientific conference on “Modern trends in rehabilitation, physical culture and adapted physical education and activity” organized by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, National Research University, Russia on 23rd April 2015.

Paper presented entitled “Comparison between different Blood Pressure Groups after Single Bout of Shuttle Run Test on Blood Pressure in Young Adult Men” in conference on “Recent Trends in Health Care” organized by Department of Physiotherapy on 14th March 2016 at GJUS&T, Hisar.

2 Paper presented entitled “Cervicogenic Headache with specific emphasis on Physiotherapy Management” and “Effect of Mulligan Bent Leg Raising Technique on Low Back Pain” in International conference on “Youth and Well Being” organized


Life member Of The Indian Association Of Physiotherapy (Membership No. LA-39690).

Member Of Haryana State Council For Physiotherapy, Panchkula (Registration No.HSCP/PT/2021/0023).


Dr. Varun Singh! Crafting A Vision For The Future Is Crucial In Healthcare. Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology, Personalized Patient Care, And Interdisciplinary Collaboration Will Define Our Trajectory. Lifeline Hospital Aims To Be A Beacon Of Innovation, Ensuring Accessible And Compassionate Healthcare. Our Vision Encompasses A Holistic Approach, Where Research, Education, And Patient-Centric Services Converge Seamlessly. Together, We Strive To Shape A Future Where Health Knows No Bounds, And Lifeline Hospital Stands As A Pioneer In Ushering In This Transformative Era.


In The Journey Of Healing At Lifeline Hospital, We Navigate The Delicate Intersection Of Science And Compassion. With Unwavering Dedication, Our Team Led By Dr. Varun Singh Strives To Restore Health And Well-Being. Every Patient's Story Is A Unique Narrative, And Our Commitment To Personalized Care Ensures A Path To Recovery That Is As Individual As It Is Effective. Together, We Embark On A Journey Where Expertise Meets Empathy, Fostering Hope And Resilience In The Pursuit Of Optimal Health.